multilingual seoYou’ve done it… You finally have an amazing online video for your product and you’re ready to attract customers from all around the globe! You know that videos are quickly becoming key parts of marketing campaigns for so many companies, and you feel that your video will bring your company the global exposure you’ve been craving. There’s just one huge question hanging over your head: How are your international customers going to find your video?

Good question! The answer is filled with implementation suggestions, but it really boils down to a simple phrase: multilingual SEO. Multilingual SEO encompasses a variety of steps that should be taken to drive people to your video, including the use of keywords and the creation of multiple landing pages. But for this blog, we’re going to focus on the most important elements of multilingual SEO: the transcription, translation and captioning of your videos into other languages.

Transcribing and Translating Your Videos for the Internet
If you hire a vendor to handle the transcription, translation and captioning of your video, they will typically upload your video into their system, and transcription will be the very first step. During this process, transcriptionists will provide the full text for your video. This text will then be given to translators who will translate it into every language you are targeting. It’s of utmost importance that all transcription and translation are done as accurately as possible. The content and its context must be correct. Here at Metro Captions, our transcriptionists and translators have a more than 99% accuracy rate! If you want more information, read about our transcription and translation services. No matter who you choose to work on your project, just remember: Never, ever use vendors who can’t promise you perfection.

Captioning Videos for the Internet
Once your video is transcribed and translated, captioning can begin. Captioning is key for SEO, as it makes your video accessible to the search engines. It also helps you to reach a much larger audience – including that international audience you dream about!

If you’ve done some research and have come across YouTube’s auto-caption feature, you may have thought, “This is great! Why would I pay a company to do this for me?” It’s important to realize that the captions YouTube generates are not indexed by Google or YouTube itself. In fact, the captions that YouTube produces are more often than not jam-packed with mistakes. If you care about your brand, you won’t want this type of captioning to be seen by your target audience. It’s always best to go with a professional captioning service who can ensure excellent quality all the way around.

At Metro Captions, we caption all types of web-based projects for YouTube, iTunes, Amazon, Netflix and Hulu – just to name a few. We are experts in SEO web captioning and can deliver a final product to you in a variety of formats including .txt, .smi, .srt, DFXP Timed Text .xml, SAMI .smi, Captionate .xml, and embedded .FLV or .WMV with captions.

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