multilingual captioningOpening your business up to a global market typically means more sales and more exposure across the board. Sounds great, doesn’t it? But how do you even get started? One thing is for sure: If you have commercials or online content, you should definitely get them captioned into other languages. If potential customers can’t understand you, then they won’t be – well, customers!

Online Audiences
If your target audience is primarily online, you may be startled to learn that less than 27% of all internet users speak English. That’s a low number, isn’t it? Even more surprising is the fact that at least 70% of YouTube users come from non-English speaking countries. If you want to reach all of these people, you can see why it’s a great idea to consider multilingual captioning.

We know what you’re thinking: “There are so many languages! What ones do I translate my captions into?” Well, first of all, you should consider your content. Does it speak to particular cultures or countries? If it does, translation into those languages is a good starting point. You should also consider viewing your analytics to see what demographics are looking at your content. The countries with the highest amounts of views to your pages should also be taken into consideration.

If you’re thinking about posting a video to YouTube, there’s a list of Top 10 countries that view YouTube content the most. Aside from the UK and Canada (which primarily speak English), the most views from non-English speaking countries come from India, Germany, France, South Korea, Russia, Japan, Brazil and Mexico. And while YouTube does have a subtitling manager, please note that it’s not always accurate. When it comes to your brand, you probably don’t want to advertise with a video that’s filled with mistakes! For 100% accurate captions, you will want to work with an outside vendor like Metro Captions. Read about how we can take your video to the next level with our translation and captioning services.

Television Audiences
Maybe your target audience is not online. Instead, you may be considering the use of television commercials in other countries. Great idea! As a business looking to go global, you would be smart to do this. Studies have shown that people are much likelier to purchase a product or service when the advertising is done in their native language.

Here at Metro Captions, we are able to take your video for television and translate it into over 150 foreign languages. Then, we are able to caption it for realtime and offline broadcast television. Just take a look at how we can help you with your captioning project.

Don’t wait — Make your content great!

No matter what type of captioning you are interested in, one thing is certain: As time progresses, advertising is going global. Make sure that your company doesn’t get left in the dust and miss out on worldwide exposure. Contact Metro Captions today!

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