>> Live captioning done by trained professionals

Metro’s realtime captioners are among the most accurate and reputable in the industry, with an astounding 99.9% accuracy rate – with up to 250 words per minute – for live broadcasts.

Realtime broadcast closed captioning serves many purposes, from addressing the needs of the 1 out of 10 people who are hearing impaired, to making it easy to follow along with a program in a noisy environment (like a bar).

While the need for realtime broadcast closed captions services is varied, many people are familiar with realtime captions in use with sports programs, live news, awards programs and government events. Today, the FCC requires most broadcast media to have the closed caption option for the hearing impaired. Metro’s realtime captioners have demonstrated the most reliability and accuracy with their live captioning, which has earned us exclusive agreements with major networks throughout the industry. Metro Caption is is the premiere broadcast closed captioning company in NYC and across the US.


>>Broadcast closed captions for prerecorded or post production

Metro’s offline broadcast closed captioning services are used for pre-recorded programming. We prepare the captions before the program’s broadcast, or prior to any mass duplication of the program. Offline captioning provides our captioners the time and ability to provide the most precise captioning available. We provide offline captioning for all formats including caption file, HD tape,  or Digital Beta, as well as hundreds of other deliverables. We assign time codes to ensure proper synchronicity between text and audio, and offer both Pop On or Roll Up captioning, per your request or specific needs. Common delivery formats are: .scc, .cap, .asc, .ult, .onl, .pac, and .stl – for more information on formats we can deliver, click here. We work closely with our clients to ensure not only 100% accuracy, but also that your production deadlines are met. If you need a reliable broadcast closed captioning company specializing in prerecorded or post production captions – Metro Caption is the answer!

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Roll-up Captioning

Roll-up captioning is most commonly used for all live programming, as well as in the rare instances when a post-production broadcast program has only one speaker. Roll-up captioning typically does not include sound effect description or speaker identification. Our roll-up closed captioning service ensure complete accuracy in captions that never cover the important elements displayed on the screen. All of our captions are carefully timed and will display two to three lines at a time, depending on the elements on the screen.

Traditional roll-up captions. Click to play video

Pop-on Captioning

As their name suggests, pop-on captions ‘pop’ on and off the screen, one caption at a time. Each caption typically consists of two to three lines, and should include sound effect descriptions and speaker identification. Pop-on captions are used for pre-recorded programs with multiple speakers (which is generally the case).

At Metro, we take great care in the placement of our captions to ensure proper flow and comprehension, without disrupting the visuals of the program.

Traditional pop-up captions. Click to play video


At Metro, we’ve been captioning all types of productions for nearly two decades, including – most recently – webcasting. Precision, timeliness and visual appeal are what we strive for – and achieve – 100% of the time, which is why we’re the most respected broadcast closed captioning company in the industry.


How does Metro Captions make sure your captions (realtime and offline) are done accurately, precisely, and on time every time?


  • Only the best captioners – we are not just any broadcast closed captioning company! All of our captioners are specially trained and are well versed in industry-standard equipment to produce nearly perfection captions.
  • No matter the scope, we’ll handle it – regardless of the complexity of your project (from picking up live broadcast signals from across the globe to providing captions to multiple encoders simultaneously), Metro’s proven our flexibility and proficiency in delivering, 100% of the time.
  • Each project is assigned a project manager – our caption services are led by trained project manager who is available all day, any day, to ensure your caption project is completed to your needs and expectations.

Metro provided us complete translation and subtitling for a 10 language project – no other broadcast closed captioning company could provide that – THEY ROCK!

Mike Lewis

Owner, Zonk Media

Metro Captions should be your choice for any captioning services. Metro provided us .scc files for a program series we produced that was to be aired on TV. Thanks Tim and team! Erin Ganderfeld

Project Manager, D Squared Productions





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