It happens many times a day – a program is broadcast with closed captions created by Metro.
Fast. Professional. FCC Compliant.



Tim Giardina

President, CEO

Guru of all things caption related

Tim Giardina has over 15 years of experience in the broadcast industry. As CEO of Metro Captions, Tim supervises a team of over 20 captioning and subtitling engineers. With knowledge ranging from subtitling and captoning standards, to translation and transcription practices and procedures, Tim has led Metro Captions to be a global provider of broadcast media services.

  • Captioning 100%
  • Subtitling 100%
  • Translation 100%


Maya Tsirulnik

VP of Sales

Queen of all things sales related

With over 10 years of sales related work for Metro Captions, Maya is the driving force behind Metro’s business. Maya has grown the Metro Captions client list to a forefront leader in the broadcast captioning and subtitling industry. Due to her high understanding of the many industries and niches Metro serves, Maya has been a key factor in the growth and demand for Metro Caption’s services.

  • Sales Strategy and Objectives 100%
  • Strategic Thinker 100%
  • Customer Relations 100%


Jill Thoman

Social Media / Webmaster

The all knowing of the social media

Jill is the social media expert behind all of Metro Caption’s interaction across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media outlets. Jill brings our news and projects to the world and keeps us looking fresh. Jill comes to Metro Captions with a strong multimedia background which made her a prefect fit for chatting all day about our industry leading services.

  • Social Media 100%
  • Creating Cool Content 100%
  • Customer Happiness 100%

Built for FCC Standards

The world of closed captioning is constantly evolving. Metro Captions doesn’t just keep up. We blaze the trails of captioning, by providing FCC compliant captioned programming .

Easy File Transfers

Having been in the captioning industry for decades, we know how important it is to simplify the file sharing/transfer process. Be a caption file or tape format – we will make it easy for you.

The Global Caption Solution

Our studio is located in the heart of New York City, but we serve clients from all corners of the world. Whether captions for a TV network or a subtitled video for a company in Asia, we will make it happen.

Our Story

It’s just a moment in time – just one second of broadcast programming.

But it’s more than that at Metro Captions.

We make sure we do everything possible for one to “enjoy” that second of programming to its fullest extent – from our commitment to the highest quality of FCC compliant captions, to the way we engage and communicate with our clients and do business responsibly.

From our beginning as a small entity in a loft in Brooklyn, New York, to the present where we sit as a forefront leader in broadcast closed captioning, we tried to make closed captioning a little better than we found it, and we think we’ve succeeded.

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